People ask all the time about making a perennial garden. Here’s our tried and true recipe for greatness:

  1. Pick an early, mid and late bloomer for color from Spring to Frost

  2. Colors, leaf texture and heights

Depending on who you ask at the Greenhouse, we all have our own favorites, but we all agree on these:

Early to Late Spring Bloomers: Aquilegia, it’s a native with a showy bloom; Creeping Phlox, great blankets of color, Hellebore or Lenten Rose (Sue’s favorite), Iris – old fashion showy blooms, Peonies, so many varieties and colors that have been a staple in the garden for years due to the blossom and fragrance

Early to Mid Bloomers: Coreopsis, long bloom time with varieties that have varying heights, leaf texture and come in yellows and reds, Astilbe, showy plume but great for rest of season due to foliage, Asiatic Lily, short bloom time but can’t beat the blossom, Hosta, blooms are small but they look great until the frost

Mid to Late Bloomers: Platycodon, balloon flowers bloom till frost in blues, pinks and whites, Butterfly Bush, great shrub, good for the pollinators and wide range of colors, Lobelia, striking reds and blues, Tree Hibiscus, perennial, large showy blooms

Late Bloomers: Rudbeckia, black eye Susan, excellent for fill and great for borders, Sedum, wide range of heights, unique foliage, small blossoms, Echinacea or Cone Flowers, long lasting blooms, nice heights and range of colors, Eupatorium or Joe Pye Weed, white blossom but really great for the dark foliage

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