It’s not your Grandma’s Geranium

It’s not your Grandma’s Geranium


It’s not your grandma’s geranium – Geraniums are tried and true for a reason. With all the new varieties that are available, they are the power punch of the garden. Geraniums are great for containers, baskets, or in the flower bed. They deliver a knock-out every time because of their hardiness and versatility.

Here’s a breakdown of the types of geraniums that you can find with us:

ZONAL: old fashion, big flower head, great in flower beds, containers, window boxes and the color selection is endless. Some of our favorites are: Fidelity Dark Red, Tango Neon, Classic Dark Salmon

INTERSPECIFIC: the best of both worlds, a cross between a zonal and ivy geranium. These are so spectacular because they produce continuous blooms even if you do not deadhead! These geraniums also give you the upright and draping flower heads. Our most favorite of all is the Sarita Series (AWESOME), Calliope and Caliente geraniums are fabulous too!

Never underestimate the power of a Geranium!

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