BaDaBing Begonias

BaDaBing Begonias

Begonias…so many types…Fibrous verses Tuberous. We will look at tuberous begonias first.

Tuberous begonias are grown from a tuber. These begonias are fabulous in hanging baskets and containers. They are sometimes referred to as hardy begonias.

Tuberious begonias – some of our favorite varieties

Unbelievable Series – this series has continuous blooming on sturdy plants with dark colored foliage. We carry Miss Montreal and Lucky Strike

Illumination Series – large, cascading habit with 3” double blossoms all season long

Nonstop Series – free flowering 8-10” tall plants with double/semi double 4” blossoms, will bloom continuously even in high temperatures

Santa Cruz – extremely heat tolerant, profilic bloomer and best of all with thrive in the sun or shade

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