A Year at a Glance

A Breakdown of our year would look like this:

The Seeder Room is where we spend the majority of our time in January, February and March.

  • This machine is run with compressed air and calibrated to seed a tray of 400 plugs in seconds.
  • Seeds can be as small as begonias (2000 seeds can fit on the tip of your finger) or as large as Coriander (4 seeds can fit on the tip of your finger).
  • Seeded flats are placed on a cart and taken out to the seed benches. The benches are maintained in the winter months to keep a constant 80 degrees Fahrenheit at the root zone. The watering booms are used to keep the moisture at a constant level. When the seeds have sprouted, the seed flats are removed from the benches and placed on a cooler bench. The seedlings are transplanted as needed into their final containers. Depending on the variety, one seed flat will transplant from seven to fourteen finished flats.

packaged flowers in greenhouse at violets at Middle Ridge Gardens, Madison, OhioTransplanting takes place in the months of March, April and May.


The selling season starts in April and runs through August – both at home and at market.


July is spent cleaning the greenhouses.


July through October, we can be found at the Shaker and Chagrin Markets with produce and fabulous cut flowers!


August through December is spent on maintenance, new construction, and perennial production.