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Funky Container Gardening

Funky Container Gardening

TUESDAY APRIL 25TH  – 6:30 – 8 P.M.       FUNKY CONTAINER GARDENING We have the coolest containers! Pick from one of our great options. The greenhouse is all yours for the event. Sit down, have a glass of…, chat with your friends and have a beautiful planter to take home. I.  18″ Rail Planter (soil, 4 4.5″ pots, 1 – 3 pack flowers)  $34.00 II. 6″ Dome Terrarium (soil, succulent, 1 – 3 pack flower)  $20.00 III. Ceramic Teacup (soil, succulent, 1 -3 pack flower) $14  OR!!! (soil, succulent, 1 3 pack flower, small trinket) $19.00 IV.  Rattan Owl (soil, succulent, 1 -3 pack flower) $15.00 OR!!! (soil, succulent, 1 -3 pack flower, small trinket) $17.00 CONTACT THE GREENHOUSE TO RSVP 440-428-3857 Class size is 30. BRING YOUR... read more

Featured Flora



  When you can have Indigo Tomatoes! Those girls might have had some hits but Indigo Tomatoes have gone platinum. We have four varieties that are packed with anti-oxidants. Indigo Blue Pearl – 1-2 oz. cherry with purple tops and cream bottoms Indigo Kumquat – 1 oz. oval fruit that when ripe have apricot tops with indigo shoulders – sweet-tart flavor Indigo Cherry Drops – 1 ¼” fruit – single bite cherry tomato that are deep rosy red with black purple cast Indigo Cream Berries – ivory colored cherry tomato with and indigo... read more

Middle Ridge Gardens, Madison, Ohio


Garden ornaments and statuettes at Middle Ridge Gardens, Madison, Ohio

Decorate your garden with any of our statues, birdbaths, trellises or hanging basket holders. We have the LARGEST selection of fairy and miniature gardening items. You must see our display fairy garden – it’s a fairy tale surprise. Stop in and see our large selection.

All About Middle Ridge Gardens

Middle Ridge Gardens was established in 1990 by Tom and Sue Woodworth.  The adventures have been abundant along our 18 year trek so we thought we would give you an overview of who we are…

Construction at Middle Ridge Gardens, Madison, Ohio

Laying the foundation for our greenhouse.


In the summer of 1990 we built the barn.  On Thanksgiving Day; a cold, wet, miserable day, we started construction of the main greenhouse with the help of family and friends.  The last of the plastic roofs were snapped in place on New Year’s Day and we were ready for our first season… Well, almost ready.


Our first season was a tough one.  We had mud floors in the greenhouse- this made it tough to use the carts, no electricity and no automated watering.  We found out that we had a salt-water problem after we lost most of the crop.   We also had some people issues- we had no bathroom in the barn so bathroom trips became sort-of lengthy when you had to drive a couple of miles to the house to use the facilities.  To help sell our product, we utilized Outdoor Markets.  We had a 1954 truck that we called “Big Red.”  So we would load up the plants and head to market on Saturday (Coit Road in Cleveland) and Sunday (Aurora Farms).  <read more>

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